Seam "Twisted chain"

It is similar to chain stitch. But a new loop begins on the left or right of the previous one, and not in the middle (Fig. 13).

Figure 13. Seam "twisted chain"

Seam "Macrame"

Running from left to right. Pull the needle and thread on the front side and perform the oblique stitch. Go back to the place where the thread on the front side and slightly back to the right (Fig. 14a).

Next, create 2 loops and insert the needle on the upper line, digressing a little to the right. Pull the needle on the front side on the lower line and then run 2 round (Fig. 14b).



Seam Kolosok


The seam is carried out on the basis of the seams "forward needle" and "back needle". Doing it from the top down. The needle stuck in the fabric alternately from the right, on the left side of the middle stitches (Fig. 15).

Figure 15. Seam Kolosok

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