Merezhka "Flashlight"

This openwork is performed on 2 rows. Its often done with colored thread on fabric with a large invoice. Pull 6 strands of fabric, then leave 2 strands and pull another 6 threads. The threads in the middle panel "Pankaj". Why capture 2 threads in a column. After that, the edges frayed, run a colored thread seams "goat", while taking on 2 threads of the fabric.

Make color thread floss in 2 addition "lanterns". Clip on "punk" working thread and slide it down. Three columns pull together. Run the air loop and encircled "punk", and obvate 3 columns. Lower part of the "flashlight" is ready. Proceed to the bottom of to the end frayed. Embroider the upper part of the "flashlight" in the same way, only working thread after throwing key columns drop down to "punk" (Fig. 52).

Merezhka Flashlight and Flooring     Merezhka "Flooring"

It is often performed along with other using hemstitch in the form of a frame. 10-12 pull threads from a fabric, then leave for 2 threads with 2 sides and pull another 2 threads. Pull 3 strands in the columns. The openwork run out of bobbin thread No. 50 "deck" — thread floss in 3-4 additions.

Clip the thread and slide the needle with the working thread, between the posts seam "darning". One column under the needle skip, the next one on the needle, again under the needle and over the needle. Guide the needle with thread in the opposite direction.

If the thread was over a column, a needle and thread actually spent under the column; if the thread was under the column, then in the next row it should be on the column (Fig. 53).

Merezhka Flashlight and Flooring
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