The counting surface

Hits:770 Types of embroidery

Of the accounting surface can be single or double - sided. This form of embroidery is one of the oldest in the world. When embroidery is used here on account...

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Color to Pereval

Hits:724 Types of embroidery

Color to Pereval is a difficult form of embroidery carried out on the net. It is prevalent in many regions of Russia. In color of Previti perform geometric, floral patterns...

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Decorative overlay mesh

Hits:805 Types of embroidery

Decorative overlay mesh is used together with the surface. They fill the middle of the flowers, separate the elements. Sometimes a fine mesh, satin stitch embroider the pattern. Decorative overlay...

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Artistic surface

Hits:820 Types of embroidery

Surface artistic like painting. It accurately conveys many nuances of color. Her embroidered paintings and murals of landscapes, everyday scenes, portraits. Often this kind of surface perform a silk thread that...

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Chinese embroidery

Hits:750 Types of embroidery

Chinese embroidery has subtle work and the effect of its transparency. Chinese artists create paintings and murals in which the embroidery looks like a watercolor. Highly artistic work on a distance...

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Russian expanse

Hits:775 Types of embroidery

Russian expanse are used for decorating clothes and household items. Often it is performed on fabrics, bright colors: beige, grey, blue, cream. The whole picture is filled with the usual...

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Poltava surface

Hits:741 Types of embroidery

The Poltava surface used in the bilateral embroidery with floral pattern, where it is necessary to perform the stitches with a length of more than 1 cm do it from...

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Shadow surface

Hits:794 Types of embroidery

In this kind of surface embroidery threads of different colors on the free circuit. Clear boundaries between the colors here. The transition from one tone to another is obtained by...

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Embroidery stitch color

Hits:795 Types of embroidery

The coloured embroidery stitch is the most spectacular. It is decorated with paintings, murals, blouses, collars, table linen, curtains, etc. appearance color surface depends on the correct choice of color...

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White surface

Hits:777 Types of embroidery

White plane — one of the options bilateral smooth surface with a "deck". It is done with white thread on thin fabrics such as crepe de Chine, Voile, Batiste. For...

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Bilateral soft bar surface. Satin-like surface.

Hits:744 Types of embroidery

Bilateral soft bar surface This kind of surface has no clear contour. A pattern is made rare or frequent stitches-strokes. Tight, frequent stitches create a more vivid pattern, rare stitches and...

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Bilateral free surface without flooring with flooring

Hits:773 Types of embroidery

Bilateral free surface without flooring Bilateral free surface without slab is used to execute floral and geometric patterns, emblems and initials. Its characteristic feature — 2 hand embroidery, and the front...

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Unilateral surface. Surface pricep.

Hits:840 Types of embroidery

Unilateral surface Unilateral surface free perform a blind stitch. A characteristic feature of this kind of embroidery is that the stitches lie only on one side, and completely cover the drawing...

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Speedy, or easy, surface. Bar and Welt surface.

Hits:746 Types of embroidery

Ambulance, or light, smooth surface Modern embroiderers simple hand stitches create works with light embroidery. The current manual sutures are more simple than the old. All manual welds performed, as a...

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Partial surface

Hits:798 Types of embroidery

Embroidery stitch — one of the most ancient forms of needlework. Surface embroidery is a straight or slanted stitches, completely filling the surface of the pattern. For a long time...

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