It is used when embroidering small leaves, flower core, as an additional seam in large, complex works. From the front it looks like a strip of criss-cross stitches in the form of crosses, on the reverse side in the form of 2 parallel lines. The stitches are performed from left to right, the punctures do alternately that with one, then the other edge of the strip. The distance between them should be the same. In the middle strip cross stitches. Each next stitch goes over the previous one. If the seam "goat" is on a curve, the distance between the punctures on the edge of the great circle must be greater than the distance between the punctures at the edge of the smaller circle. Sometimes doing double or triple "goat". At first

embroider 1 row of the seam, then the 2nd and if necessary 3rd. And each following row is shifted slightly to the right (Fig. 10).

Figure 10. Seam "goat"

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