Painting silk ribbons

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You can find undyed silk ribbon in various widths. It can be dyed at home dye for fabrics or silk. The most important thing when painting is the exact...

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Stitches used in embroidery, ribbons

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There are a few rules when embroidering ribbons: the stitch length should always do more of the width of the tape, as it will not straighten out and not get the...

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Materials and tools for embroidery silk ribbons

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Tape   Currently there is a huge amount of ribbons and tapes. They come in a variety of textures and colors. Ribbon width ranges from 0.2 cm to 15 cm in...

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The history of embroidery silk ribbons

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The history of embroidery tape begins with ancient times. Its progenitor can be considered a rope from plant fibers, which gradually turned into a braid and then to tape. Even in...

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Embroidery as a kind of decoration

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Embroidery is one of the most popular types of decoration textile products. Originating in the distant past, the art of embroidery for many centuries used for decorating clothes and shelter...

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The art of embroidery with ribbons or silk dreams

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Embroidery – one of the interesting types of needlework. Having examined the various types of stitches you can create with their hands are unusually beautiful things. Since ancient times, a narrow...

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