Embroidery with silk ribbons

Special solemn and pleasant moments are associated with ribbons in our life: it can be a long-awaited gift in a box, tied with bows of ribbons, a wedding procession decorated with ribbons. In addition, ribbons decorate the interiors of houses for various holidays, are awarded for outstanding achievements. Embroidery ribbons decorate clothes and accessories (bags, belts, belts, umbrellas, gloves, scarves, shoes), various decorative items (tulle, pillows, bedspreads, photo frames, paintings, lampshades, tablecloths, tiebacks). Very elegant look invitation cards, wedding photo albums, pillows for rings, gifts, decorated with embroidery ribbons. Things and objects decorated with embroidery, look very beautiful, romantic and a little antique.

In the West, the festive table is decorated with ribbons. Symbols of the Christmas holidays are considered red ribbons and bows that are attached to the front door before Christmas and New year. In our country there was a custom to tie envelopes with newborn pink and blue ribbons, and cars of a wedding train to decorate with tapes of various flowers, most often colors of a national flag.

Ribbon Embroidery is one of the most interesting types of needlework. This kind of is considered volumetric embroidery. Tapes give the necessary volume. In addition to silk ribbons, satin, pressed, pleated ribbons, organza ribbons, decorative cords, ribbons with wire edges are used in embroidery. In addition, you can combine different types of embroidery, such as embroidery ribbons with embroidery beads and beads or floss. You can add a painting on the fabric, applique.

More often with ribbons depict natural motifs. Silk ribbons are very plastic, they can be embroidered almost as well as threads; the most important condition - they can not be tightened. Using

Ribbons can embroider beautiful bouquets of flowers, twigs of berries, leaves, insects, some animals.

The embroidery technique itself is quite simple. Having studied the main types of seams, it is possible for a short period of time to embroider a t-shirt, making it beautiful and original, decorate a bag or hat, giving the purchased product a unique look, embroider a bag for dry herbs, a picture, a cover for a photo album, which will be a wonderful gift. You can combine several products into a single ensemble, making them three-dimensional embroidery. This type of needlework is universal. You can decorate an evening handbag and a children's corner, a tablecloth and various boxes for trifles.

Gradually studying this type of needlework, you will be able to create your own unique motifs using mastered stitches.

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