Pillow case with the initials

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You'll need Linen or cotton fabric white length 150 cm, width 65 cm; filament embroidery thread in 6 additions blue, cornflower blue, light yellow, green colors; embroidery needle; diagram of...

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Pillow case "Fabulous flowers"

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You'll need Wool terracotta width 55 cm, length 150 cm, thread floss 8 additions light pink, pink, dark pink, lime green colors; scissors; embroidery needle; diagram of the pattern in full...

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Pillow case "a Flowering tree"

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You'll need Canvas pink color width 45 cm, length 150 cm; filament embroidery thread in 6 additions light gray, dark gray, lemon flowers; tapes, lemon yellow width 1.5 cm, length...

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Pillow case "Bouquet of poppies, cornflowers and daisies"

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Since ancient times, people used to decorate their houses and flats of different little things. Pillowcases for pillows and blankets women and girls of all classes were decorated with embroidery...

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