Translation of pattern on the fabric

Hits:754 Preparation for embroidery

When selecting pattern for embroidery, you should consider the purpose of the product and the quality of the fabric. For example, for stitching thick fabrics should be chosen large pictures...

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Preparation, increase or decrease of the figure

Hits:870 Preparation for embroidery

After I found a pattern and picked fabric, it is necessary to lay out a pattern, and the edges align. Why pull the thread to the extreme, and all appeared...

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Rules when embroidering

Hits:769 Preparation for embroidery

So, here are the main rules which you have to follow before starting to embroidery. Of course, over time you will be able to replenish their list is something important...

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Other tools

Hits:789 Preparation for embroidery

Except the needle needed a thimblewhich you can select the size of the middle finger of the right hand. Thimbles stainless steel are the best. They should wear when working...

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Hits:760 Preparation for embroidery

The most essential tool for embroidery — a course needle. So, select the right needle depending on the type of tissue: the denser the weave of the fabric-the basics, the thinner...

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Decorative elements

Hits:691 Preparation for embroidery

Additional material for embroidery can become the remains of the braid, thread, cord, leather, lace, ribbon, crocheted items and much more. All material should be sorted and, if necessary, to...

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Hits:749 Preparation for embroidery

Threads can be natural, artificial and mixed; also, they differ in structure, thickness, quality, and color. The most common threads are of polyester and viscose. Embroidery yarns are usually loosely...

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Fabric for the base

Hits:767 Preparation for embroidery

The basis for the embroidery can be cotton, linen, cloth, wool, silk and blended fabric, both factory and homemade. Any tissue consists of a base — longitudinal yarns (they are parallel...

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Color combinations

Hits:775 Preparation for embroidery

A very important role in embroidery and the creation of the pattern played by the right choice of color and combination of different shades. To the color combination was harmonious...

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Embroidering on dark fabric

Hits:709 Preparation for embroidery

Embroidering on dark fabric very tiring on the eyes as it requires a great effort. However, there are a few tricks that make this work. On the dark ground for embroidery...

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Cutting and assembling of embroidered products, anchoring of the thread in the embroidery

Hits:697 Preparation for embroidery

The figure needs to be translated into not yet cut the fabric, after inflicting on her cut lines. After embroidering the fabric, you need to moisturize, smoothen and cut out...

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