It is also called "half-cross". It is used in colored embroidery and is a zigzag line. Progress from right to left, then from left to right between 2 parallel lines.

Withdraw the needle with the thread on the front side on the right side on the top line. Then make a diagonal stitch from the top down and from right to left. On the reverse side make a vertical stitch up. Then do the next stitch on the front side parallel to 1. Thus embroider the entire line. Then turn back and do the stitches from left to right and from bottom to top, exactly the same as the previous stitches, filling the gaps between the stitches. In this case the needle must be stick in the same holes (Fig. 12).

Seam Painting

Figure 12. Seam "painting"

The ornament is a consistent repetition of certain patterns. Their purpose is ornamentation of the surface of the object. There are geometric, Greek-key, plant, bird, animal, anthropomorphic ornaments.

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