Merezhka "column"

It operates exactly the same as the openwork "brush". Only threads need to bind 2 sides of heirloom. As a result, you get the number of columns. It is a narrow hemstitch. Pull no more than 5 threads. Combine in a bundle of 5-6 threads first with the bottom edge, counting from the beginning of the 3 frayed threads of the fabric. Oblate top edge frayed exactly the same as the bottom. Thus it is necessary to tighten in a bundle of the same strands that frayed at the bottom (Fig. 44).

Merezhka column and split

Figure 44. Merezhka "column"

Heirloom is a type of openwork embroidery in which prodelyvat threads of the fabric. Doing it in one direction only — along the axis or duck. Other threads are translated in various designs.

Merezhka "split"

The technique of this heirloom similar to the previous one. The difference is that when you run bars on the upper side it is necessary to take the threads from the previous column and half of the threads from the next column. Thus each column is divided in half. The number of threads in the bars must be even. For frayed "split" need to pull out 5-7 strands (Fig. 45).

Merezhka column and split

Figure 45. Merezhka "split"

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