Chain stitch sheathe the middle of the large flowers, it is also used in Olonets embroidery, they perform floral patterns. Chain stitch is a chain of loops that emerge one from the other. The seam is toward you. All loops should be round shape.

Withdraw the needle with the thread on the front side and lay the working thread in a loop in the direction of left downwards and right. Now insert the needle into the middle of the loop near the exit of yarn from the fabric. Withdraw the needle at the 4-5 threads below, so that the tip of the needle above the loop. The next stitch, run under the previous one. Thus, embroider a straight stitch 1 under the other (Fig. 6A). Chain stitch also can be done in the form of zigzag strips. Here the stitches are place alternately: that with left, from the right side (Fig. 6b).

Figure 6 a, b. Chain stitch


Seam "advanced lobby" is formed by two interwoven parallel lines. It runs from left to right and top to bottom. Bring the needle and thread on

the front side in the point 1 and do a diagonal stitch from the bottom up and from left to right in point 2. Make a horizontal stitch on the wrong side and print on the front side in point 3. Then make a long stitch from left to right in point 4. Withdraw the needle at the point 5. Make a small diagonal stitch from top to bottom and from right to left and bring the needle up on the opposite side at point 7. Next row starting at 7. Twist the working thread stitches of the 1st row (Fig. 7).

Figure 7. Seam "complex vestibule"

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