Is almost the same as the seam "polypetala". It is performed from top to bottom. There are many different options for seam Elochka: single, double, triple, straight, broken, perelivami etc.

Straight herringbone embroidery stitch-down and a little to the side to get polypetala. Then the needle is withdrawn to the front side in the middle of the 1st polumetally and perform the 2nd stitch. The remaining stitches are the same (Fig. 11a).

In the implementation of the scythe tree needle stuck in the fabric slightly to the side, the stitch is slightly beveled (Fig. 11b).

In a double herringbone pattern, make 2 stitches in one direction, then 2 stitches in the other direction (Fig. 11b).

Seam Herringbone

Figure 11 a and B. Seam "tree" and its variants

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