House-Sasha. Bulk cross stitch

Hits:924 Cross stitch

Immersed in the colors of the rustic Lodge with the red roof is a real dream for those who like to relax from the hustle and bustle. And this...

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Scheme. The cross stitching. "The owner of the mountain valley"

Hits:804 Cross stitch

"The owner of the mountain valley" is a work based on English artist sir Edwin Henry Landseer. In the nineteenth century, Landseer was the most popular animal painter...

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The squirrel from "Ice age". Schematic cross stitching

Hits:968 Cross stitch

  Funny little squirrel who was always trying to catch a nut from the cartoon "Ice age" will perfectly fit into the interior of the nursery. To help you provides...

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Children. Cross-stitch (the scheme without registration)

Hits:944 Cross stitch

Pattern size: 34 x 34 cm Size: 88 x 93 stitch / approximately 15.5 x 17 cm; 5.5 stitches / 1 cm   You will need: 0.5 m Aida...

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Cat doorman. Cross stitch — fruits and berries

Hits:950 Cross stitch

You will need: canvas Aida No. 14 green of size at least 11 x 9 cm green calico, measuring at least 27 x 22 cm for the torso...

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Cottage of Sandstone. Bulk cross stitch

Hits:813 Cross stitch

Rasteriser ready "Sandstone Cottage" made in the technique of three - dimensional cross-stitch: height 6 cm, width 8.2 cm, depth 7 cm. Materials:For this model, the Aida cloth is...

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Matryoshka. Bulk cross stitch

Hits:1002 Cross stitch

A needle at least once in their life made ordinary rag doll. There is a great way to decorate these products are three - dimensional cross-stitch. The finished work...

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Sink. Pincushion with your hands

Hits:752 Cross stitch

Materials: outline No. 6, thread – wool/acrylic. The finished pincushion with his hands folded is the size of 10 x 9 cm Size 65 x 100 CL.   Tips...

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Pincushion with your hands "Indian elephant"

Hits:799 Cross stitch

Dimensions 11 x 9 cm (69 x 63 cells).   1. Set a place for embroidery in one half of the canvas (TK). The second half will be needed for...

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Embroider a cross

Hits:837 Cross stitch

All of us from childhood familiar with traditional cross-stitch. Our grandmother and mother embroidered the beautiful paintings, pillows and napkins with the help of this traditionally women's handicraft, centuries...

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Cross-stitch. Pincushion

Hits:898 Cross stitch

Cross stitch needle cases are interesting and useful exercise. You will receive an original work of unusual form with graphical pattern. The size of the finished needle cases with their...

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How to sew biscornu (+ schema)

Hits:1820 Cross stitch

Biscornu (schema) is embroidered with a cross or embroidered with beads surround a product consisting of 2 squares of fabric (canvas) and rotated relative to each other at 90 degrees...

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Near East. Cross-stitch cushion

Hits:923 Cross stitch

For hundreds of years in these southern countries have developed different techniques of embroidery - bosma, durua, yurma, iroki. They created a lot of patterns, they adorn everything from...

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Bag in a nautical theme. A little cross-stitch

Hits:809 Cross stitch

Create a mood of holiday, and this will help a little cross stitch nautical theme on the favorite bag. Materials: White fabric for embroidery (100 threads/10 cm) Floss Red...

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A small hedgehog. Embroidery for kids

Hits:816 Cross stitch

Miniature "Little hedgehog". Cross stitch children. Size: 10 x 12 cm Materials: canvas "Aida" (weave density of 44 cells / 10 cm) floss grey (0665), coral (0314), peach...

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Happy lamb. Cross stitch for beginners

Hits:846 Cross stitch

Miniature "Happy sheep". Cross stitch for beginners. Size: 10×12 cm.   Materials: canvas "Aida" (weave density of 44 cells/ 10 cm) floss grey (0665), orange (3210), red (0119)...

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Malinka. Cross stitch for children

Hits:844 Cross stitch

Miniature Malinka. Cross stitch for children. Size: 10 x 12 cm   Materials: canvas "Aida" (weave density of 44 cells/ 10 cm) floss pink (0765), al (0120), red (0119)...

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