Loop prikra it turns out, if you run the 1st loop of chain stitch, then instead of the 2nd loop to make a small prakrama by

puncture just below the loop (Fig. 8A). This seam embroider the flowers, the grass in color and white surface. Loops in the colors must be placed in a circle and with a slight tilt to the stem (Fig. 8b). The loops can be fixed and 2 in-crackami. Thus the working thread to tighten it should not be: first perform the 1st set, then 2nd (Fig. 8b). If you need 3 priracy, the working thread is still freer.

In the middle of the flowers often perform polumetally. For this purpose the needle with the working thread print on the front side. Form a loop from the working yarn, how to chain stitch, and make a puncture on the wrong side, departing from the filament 5-6 mm to the right. Vkolite needle in the middle between the previous 2 punctures and a little below them. Stitch length depends on the distance between the center of the flower and the circle midway (Fig. 8G).

Loops and polumetally
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