Merezhka "polotnyanko" in 2 rows

It is performed on neovitin threads of the fabric. 3 pull at the threads of the fabric at a distance of 3-4 strands apart to make 4 rows with progenote threads. Panel top and bottom edge frayed tassel, at the same time pull the 3 strands into a bun. The bars at the top and bottom rows must be identical.

Make air loop into 4 columns. Make 1st loop in the bottom row, the next loop run in the top row. Return to the bottom row and run 3-d air loop, and so continue to the end frayed. Why fix a working thread in the middle nevidannoy strip between the 2nd and 3rd columns. The needle and thread down and to the left, obvate the first 2 columns. Next, lower the needle with the working thread down and obviate neyrodermity thread. Climb to podernuta threads and oblate 3rd and 4th columns together. Climb up to the 2nd podernuta parts and oblate 3rd and 4th columns go up. Obviate neyrodermity part and went down to podernuta part, combine the following 2 columns. Then execute on the reverse side of the horizontal stitch to the right and go down to the bottom. Start to perform the following air loop (Fig. 50).

Merezhka polotnyanko 2 row hemstitch of air loops

Figure 50. Merezhka "polotnyanko" in 2 rows

Merezhka out of the stitches

This hemstitch is very similar to the openwork "polotnyanko". Usually it is done with colored threads. Pull of tissue 10-12 threads. Leave 2 on each side for the "punks", and then pull on the thread with the 2 sides of the "punks" to substrings. Panel columns with openwork "punk" 2 strands in a bundle with white thread or thread to match. Air loop panel colour threads. Hanging loops run in 2 hours. First make 1 row from left to right until the end of the heirloom, then 2nd row. Secure the thread on the "punk" and go down to the middle of the frayed, tighten the 3 column 2 knots, navigate back to "punk". Run the air loop and combine the following 3 columns of 2 knots. Thus do the whole range of heirloom.

In the next phase of work take a number from right to left. Embroider the air loop at the bottom to "punk". Then thread the beam columns near the lace up slightly above the working thread in the top row and go to the air loop in the bottom row. Lace up not make. Wide openwork extreme poles make with colored thread floss braids (Fig. 51).

Merezhka polotnyanko 2 row hemstitch of air loops
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