In the skirt (figure 221) symmetric undercut continues uninterrupted from the front panels to the back panel of a straight or flared skirt.
First, determine the shape of the main lines of the skirt: curved, polusognutyh, video. Select the appropriate base curve. If the dress with the skirt adjacent silhouette, select tuck or terrain that better fit the model.
If the skirt, cut the auxiliary pattern on the lines below easier to alter a straight skirt in skirt free, and then agree on both parts.
If the relief of the skirt must conform to the topography of the bodice, agree on both parts at the waist line, after closing them tuck (thin dashed lines).
To draw asymmetrical relief, you need to perform completely the left and right sides of patterns of the skirt and the back, if the relief is continued on the back. To do this, move the sheet of paper left and right front panels of the skirt (see figure 205). Follow the curve of the rear cloth skirts, forming on it the same extension.
Close the Darts and connect both parts of the skirt on the side lines. Draw the elevation, as shown in figure 222 (or Vice versa). Put the mold on a plane, and specify the drawing.
On fitting the terrain is tilted upward from left to right.
But it may be the opposite.

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