The model of this skirt is shown in figure 203. Execution tails see page 67. Consider them the building on the front panel of the skirt (on the back panel of the construction is similar). Skirt with tails from the waist line
In the drawing, the front panels of the skirt, which does not state the Darts, draw a line parallel to the middle of the front, dividing the curve into equal strips, and number them (figure 204). Divide the depth of the main Darts between all the slits and the line of mid front and slide slightly convex line tucks a length of about 8 cm.
Cut a copy of the patterns into strips and cut the Darts. Expand the skirt as shown below.
Can be three possible extensions of the skirt. The magnitude of the expansion depends on the type and thickness of fabric, desired silhouette and fashion trends.
1. With a small extension put on the sheet of paper stripes patterns and close the Darts, making sure the amount of tails they create. Tuck closes partially as soon as the flapper at the bottom will be 6 cm (figure 205).
Darts can be left as they are represented on the curve, or to move closer to the line side of the cut, to make them less visible (figure 206). Through the middle of the front and side lines of the slice, add half of the width of the tails.
2. With the average expansion of the skirt, close the tuck completely. If they are medium size, get the tails with a width of 12-14 cm On the mid line of the front and side of the slice add half of the tails, as explained above.
3. With a large extension skirt strip patterns extend further (extension up to 20 cm).
Once the Darts are closed, continue to push the strip until you get the desired extension of the skirt at the bottom. Along the lines of the middle of the front and side of the slice also add half of the tails.
The patterns of skirts mark the direction of the equity (or oblique) thread. In addition, if the model has no seam through the middle, it is necessary to specify the fold of the fabric (middle of the front piece, equity or oblique).
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