The pattern of this skirt is a half circle. Execute a quarter circle for the front and rear panels of the skirt (figure 228).
According to a basic pattern measure the length of the waist line front and rear panels and subtract the value of the solution tucks the basics. Multiply each of the measurements obtained by two to obtain the width of each cloth (the construction of patterns is a figure completely).
Start from the back of the cloth. On the removed measure draw a quarter circle (figure 229). Let the width of the rear cloth skirts along the length of the waist is 15, and the front — 17.5 cm, Divide 15 by 3.1, then multiply the resulting number by two to Obtain the radius of the quarter circle (for example, 4. 8X2=9.6 cm).
C. using the rectangle draw a straight angle. From the top straight edge mark compass quarter circle, the arc of which is the waist (see figure 228).
On the continuation of radius postpone period equal to the length of the skirt (for example, 25 cm). With a radius equal to 9.6+15 cm draw a line of the bottom of the skirt.
For the front panels (front) of the skirt, do the same calculations (17,5:3,1=5.6 cm; 5,6X2=11.2 cm). In figure 229, the dashed lines shows the curve of the front of the skirt.
When building both parts of the patterns on one sheet of paper, as shown in figure 229, use to one of the panels of the skirt is colored pencil.

Skirt fit the bell
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