The extension skirt at a distance of 8-10 cm below the waist line (figure 226) are making with the build. Such skirts are complemented by lower skirts, tailored specifically for each skirt.
PA piece of fabric determine the value of the solution tucks (for this model quite 7...8 cm X 2+2...3 cm on the bulge at the side seam).
From the obtained General result, subtract the amount of the solution of the basic tuck and extend the basic pattern for the missing value (figure 227, a) according to the technique of obtaining tails.
Determine the desired width of the skirt at the bottom and make the appropriate changes in the mold (figure 227, b). Mark tuck and relief in accordance with the model. Received, close the Darts, place the mold on the shape and Refine it.

The skirt extended below the waist line
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