The model of this skirt is shown in figure 218.
On the patterns straight skirt guide line opening and line extensions, parallel to the middle of the front (figure 219). Translate on a separate sheet of paper, both of the skirt and make it an extension, starting from the lower edge of the opening (figure 220), the width of polopoly equal to 5 cm.
To facilitate fitting on the side of the skirt, mark the location of the patriots. Move also slightly concave line tuck skirt. The notch marked with a cross, is needed for accurate connection of the parts of the skirt.
On the Pat, note the location of buttons and loops. Dashed lines indicate the finishing line in order to correctly position the button.
To make the extension more significant, you should perform the pattern flared skirt (see figure 205), applying the obtained pattern to the shape and outline Pat and cutting line.

Flared skirt with PATA

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