Line the yoke on the front of the skirt passes through the ends of the Darts (figure 199). Put on a sheet of paper the front panel of the skirt with basic patterns without Darts and draw the yoke in accordance with the model: below the waist line on the line side of the slice 4 cm and the middle of the front on 15 cm.
Turn basic patterns into new patterns of two or three Darts, placing them closer to the line side of the slice (figure 200). Then change their length so that they end at the Basque line (line ends tucks bases marked by horizontal dashed lines).
Cut the yoke and close the Darts, bringing together their side, but don't touch each other (figure 201). Reduced the length of the Darts does not spoil the appearance of the yoke and provides the necessary convexity of the skirt in this place. If Darts are straight, they close completely (figure 202). These Darts are used on very soft fabrics or knit.

Skirt with front yoke
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