The rear panel of the skirt is trimmed with a flared detail, which are slightly gathered at the undercut (figure 223). This is one way of giving freedom of movement with a long straight skirt. Sometimes such detail cut out in the form of a plume.
On the curve of the rear cloth skirts (one or two Darts) swipe sloped, then vertical line podraza. Divide detail into strips 1, 2 and 3 (figure 224).
Before you cut numbered strips, you need to draw a line that is perpendicular to the direction of the assemblies. For details small height, as in the present example, this line is the bottom line.
Cut numbered strips. Put them on another sheet of paper and focusing on a horizontal line, pull the strips so as to obtain the necessary extension assemblies (figure 225). Specify clearly the middle of each strip at the top of small vertical lines and mark the height of the stripes with the letters a and O.
Swipe new the top line, connecting the point A and the straight line passing through the marked mid-stripes (figure 225, b). Easier to hold the upper sloping line connecting two vertical lines marking the various height of the part. Divide this detail into strips of equal width (figure 225, in), cut along the planned lines and expand the lower part, as shown in figure 225,

Skirt with undercut and assemblies
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