Diameter 10 cm

You will need (for one model):

  • flap white Canovas fabric weave density of 52 cells = 10 cm 20 × 20 cm;
  • beads No. 10 Czech production of these colors (shown next to the diagrams);
  • beading needle №12;
  • bobbin thread No. 33Л in the color of the fabric (for sewing on beads);
  • the Hoop frame with a diameter of 10 cm.

* Tuck the fabric in the embroidery Hoop and the embroidery on the selected schema (CX. 18-21), using the technique of “monastic seam”.

* Embroidery techniques “monastic seam" is similar to the first (bottom) stitch in cross stitch: stitching with beads on the front side pointing diagonally from lower left corner to the upper right, and the stitches from the wrong side – vertical (see figure B). For each stitch on the front side nanizyvat 1 bead, changing their color in accordance with the circuit pattern (the thread used is the same, the color of the fabric).

Christmas miniatures, beaded

* When you have finished the embroidery, cut the fabric from the wrong side of the Hoop in a circle, leaving allowances 3 see Gather the edge of the fabric to thread the seam “forward needle” and pull.

Christmas miniatures, beaded Christmas miniatures, beaded
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