1. If you want to decorate embroidered clothes, keep in mind the following. Under intensive wear of the beads may fade or even oblasti. So before starting, test your beads for some time, RUB a few beads between your fingers and see if it peel the paint through friction. If this happens, select another bead, and this will use in embroidery, which will not be subject to similar tests. Turn it into a wall mural or picture.

2. Soak in a Sunny spot for a week or two a small amount of beads that you want to include in the embroidery, and then compare it with the same beads, but not lying in the sun. If the color of the bead has changed significantly, think about whether you want to see my embroidery is. This applies to embroidery, which will periodically stay out of the sun (blouse, jeans, etc.). If the sun beads are highly tarnish, do not worry. Use it for pictures, they usually hang on the wall in the room and not exposed, vozdeistviy direct sunlight.

3. If you want to decorate embroidered clothing, it is sometimes useful to make it removable (especially large size and volume of embroidery). Follow her on clothes, and fabric, then baste to the garment. This will facilitate the Laundry products (Laundry, just fight back fabric with embroidery, and then baste back).

4. In the self-development of schemes for embroidery do not use a simple plaid paper, so the beads are more oval than spherical. Draw by hand or in a graphics editor on a computer grid with cells in a ratio of 1:1,3 (one side of the rectangle longer than the other 1.3 times). This will avoid distortion of the picture when it is transferred from paper to fabric. Multiply your workpiece on the printer or copier is to always have at hand a blank form and not to spend time on his painting, and go directly to the development of the scheme.
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