What you need for embroidery beading icons?Have you seen icons of beautiful, iridescent, and would like to try to create something similar? Then the embroidery of icons beads – the kind of creativity that you will certainly be pleased.

Let's call the basic materials needed to begin this process:

  • Painting with ready print the selected icons. Cloth-based is often dense material, like satin or gabardine. This fabric stands up well to the weight of the beads, and shows excellent performance.
  • Beads in the colors that match the schema. Any scheme in addition to the color-coded, contains a key, which allows you to purchase beads at the number from the catalog of the manufacturer. Most often, embroidery is used traditionally quality Japanese or Czech seed beads.
  • Small tools for embroidery. What you need – needle, thin enough to flow freely through the hole of beads. Scissors – the smaller and sharper the better and easier it will be to work with them. The Hoop – if you're used to working with them, you should ensure you have them in the right diameter.
  • Baguette or just frame. The icon embroidered with beads, is undeniably beautiful, but every work must have its logical conclusion. That is why immediately or after the embroidery need to look at your size, style and colour frame.

Advantage is the factor that most has already been collected in a single set. You only need to select the icon, read the guidelines and start the embroidery. The sizes of the icons range from pocket options in the range of 8-10 cm to solid works worthy of worship area of a country house and even a temple.

The art of icon painting and embroidery of icons developed over many centuries and is very popular in Russia. Today it is fashionable to be aware of new products, to experiment, to try something new and to do at least one kind of needlework. Master enjoys his creative process and draws from it the inspiration for new works.Do not be afraid of the unknown, today the field of needlework is rapidly evolving and improving. Manufacturers care about the comfort of their consumers, complementing the products in such a way that working with her was easy, nice and easy. Sincerely wish you an easy embroidery, good mood and excellent results, our dear embroiderers!

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