Cottage of Sandstone. Bulk cross stitch Rasteriser ready "Sandstone Cottage" made in the technique of three - dimensional cross-stitch: height 6 cm, width 8.2 cm, depth 7 cm.
Materials:For this model, the Aida cloth is not visible: it is completely hidden under the cross. It is preferable to choose a dark color, but any neutral.
  • for walls: grey fabric Aida No. 18, 23×10 cm;
  • roof: grey fabric Aida No. 18,10,5×11 cm;
  • note: you will need a flap of lining material the same size as the fabric;
  • for the base: green Goblin fabric with uniform weave No. 28, 12,5×11 cm;
  • a flap of cloth of a neutral color, such as yellowish brown or dark green, 8,5x7,5;
  • twisted cotton, colors in accordance with the scheme;
  • flap plastic canvas No. 7, 17х12 cm;
  • tapestry needle No. 26 or 28;
  • sewing needle;
  • sewing threads to tone;
  • the Hoop as needed.
The execution of the embroideryCottage of Sandstone. Bulk cross stitch
Prepare the fabric. Indicate the contours of the walls of the cottage on the big flap Aida basting stitches. The distance from the edge of the embroidery to the edge of the fabric on all sides must be at least 2 cm Mark the middle of the picture to determine it exactly on the pattern of such irregular shapes will be difficult.
Cottage of Sandstone. Bulk cross stitch
Start to embroider where your assumptions should be the center.
As for the walls, embroider their thread in one addition. Don't worry about mistakes in embroidery Sandstone. The main thing - to create the General impression of stone walls, small flaws do not matter. Follow each cross on the same cell, tissue, finish all the crosses before moving on to the French knots and stitch "back needle".
All stitches are "back needle" on this model are performed by threads DMC 310/Anchor black.
Red French knots on the front wall represent the fruits of a climbing shrub. They must be small, so embroider their thread in one addition, twisting them twice around the needle.
Climbing plant around the window on the side wall of the running thread 890 DMC/Anchor 1044 in one addition and 989 DMC thread/Anchor 261 in one addition, vdet in the thread. To enhance the relief obviate the thread around the needle twice. The execution of the roof Embroider the roof on a smaller flap of tissue of Hades. Two of the roof the same, so the diagram shows only one. Mark the middle, embroider first, the Central crest to the distance from it to the edge of the fabric was at least 2 cm Embroider the roof below the ridge, then turn work and embroider the second slope of the roof. Execution grounds According to the chart, embroider the base of the green fabric Goblin. First run crosses two threads of fabric each, and then the French knots. Special precision when embroidering French knots required - just arrange them in small groups, depicting flowers. After completing the embroidery on all the details of the cottage, wash and dry them. Build a cottageCottage of Sandstone. Bulk cross stitch
1. Reinforce the walls, roof and base on the plastic canvas as a first stage of Assembly.
2. To build the house add up the parts, stitch the side seam, then sew to the top edges of the walls and the roof.
3. The cottage now should sew to the base. Place it in the middle of the base to the track approached the doors, and sew back to back. Draw the needle through the base, make small stitches around niinku edge of the walls, then take the needle through the holes in the plastic canvas again, and get through the next cell.
Sew cottage from all sides, securely attach to the base.
4. Finally sew or glue the cloth to the base from below, covering all purl stitches.
Cottage of Sandstone. Bulk cross stitch
Cottage of Sandstone. Bulk cross stitch
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