Pincushion with your hands Indian elephantDimensions 11 x 9 cm (69 x 63 cells).
1. Set a place for embroidery in one half of the canvas (TK). The second half will be needed for the back side of the needle cases that you make with your own hands. 2. To get started, determine the center of the canvas. To do this, combine it with the center of the embroidery that is specified in the color scheme (S) with the arrow keys. 3. The colors of the digits (T1) on the scheme (S) do not coincide with the color of thread, picked them up for a more convenient use of the scheme. Colors (T2) are, respectively, the signs in (T1).
4. Embroidery should be done (see color table T1):
Pincushion with your hands Indian elephant the cross in 2 threads,
Pincushion with your hands Indian elephant - stitch in 2 strands (separate 1 fine thread from threads T4).
5. So that the embroidery looked beautiful, try to make it so that all the upper rows of crosses were tilted for example to the left (T5). 6. Keep working the knots. Before working thread attach with a few stitches (and then they will close embroidery). When the thread ends, clamp the ends under stitches on the back (T6). 7. Work embroidered iron on the reverse side. 8. Remove the excess part of the canvas at a distance of about 7 mm from the edge of the embroidery. On the opening for turning (marked on the diagram, the two black strokes) leave a seam allowance of about 2 cm Item for the back side cut out on the first part. 9. Fold the two parts of the pin cushion, right sides inside and sew them by hand or on the sewing machine, leaving a hole for turning. So circuits are not shifted enough to tack to each other or fasten it with pins. 10. Turn the pincushion. Smooth the seams. 11. The pincushion with your hands, stuff some filler suitable sintepon, or wool. 12. The small hole that remained after the eversion of the product on the front side, darn that hidden seams. 13. Sew gold braid around the contour of the beds with his hands, leaving a tail ( shown in photo). Pincushion with your hands Indian elephant
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