Happy lamb. Cross stitch for beginnersMiniature "Happy sheep". Cross stitch for beginners.
Size: 10×12 cm.
  • canvas "Aida" (weave density of 44 cells/ 10 cm)
  • floss grey (0665), orange (3210), red (0119), brown (3222), bright orange (3196), brown (0657), pink (0765), dark blue (3120), yellow (0042), purple (1095), lavender (0076), silver (0753), dark grey (3259), light gray (3256), white (0415), dark brown (3219), coffee color (3221), black (0420) colors;
  • embroidery needle
  • frame of the appropriate size and color
(This floss color card floss "Gamma").
Job description: embroider the diagram in the cross in 2 threads. The finished embroidery trim to frame size, the edge processing from osypka, to steam from the inside and insert into the frame.
Happy lamb. Cross stitch for beginnersHappy lamb. Cross stitch for beginners
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