House-Sasha. Bulk cross stitch Immersed in the colors of the rustic Lodge with the red roof is a real dream for those who like to relax from the hustle and bustle. And this bit of summer left with you, you can just embroider, creates the so-called volumetric cross-stitch! Inside you can put dried herbs and your apartment will be filled with summer flavors.
You will need:
  • canvas Aida № 14 color linen (rustic) of size at least 13 X 36 cm
  • Burgundy calico size not less than 12 x 17 cm
  • sewing thread matching fabric
  • cardboard
  • scissors
  • paper adhesive tape
  • the Hoop
  • tapestry needle
  • needle sewing
  • embroidery floss of cotton (see table)
Embroider the picture according to the scheme in the technique of full cross using embroidery floss in four additions. Detail seam "back needle" (nextitem). Amperite embroidery before proceed to surround the seams. Embroider flowers, seam "French knot" and "Rococo" thread floss in two additions. Amperite from the inside. The size of the embroidery cut out a cardboard base, pull the cardboard embroidery, clipping the edge of the paper tape. Fold house, staple seam to build a "biscornu" or concealed stitches. Cut out the cardboard rectangle (roof), pull the paper tape calico, baste with the inner side edge. Hidden stitches to sew the roof to the house. If you want to use the house not only for decorative purposes, make a cardboard bottom panel cloth interior, roof and fasten on one side only. And the house will be transformed into box for details.
Bulk cross stitch, diagram and key:
House-Sasha. Bulk cross stitch House-Sasha. Bulk cross stitchAle Shestakova
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