Children. Cross-stitch (the scheme without registration)Pattern size: 34 x 34 cm
Size: 88 x 93 stitch / approximately 15.5 x 17 cm; 5.5 stitches / 1 cm
You will need:
0.5 m Aida fabric width of 140 cm, the density of the weave 5.5 cells/approx. 1 cm; 1 ball of thread for embroidery in the following colors: cream, pink, light 778; color sandalwood 376; cream, pink, dark 868; the color of pine needles,the light 214; the color of pine needles, bright, 215; green grass, dark 246; pale pink 271; dull pink, light 893; dull pink 894; red geranium, bright 10; color strawberry 35; Carmine red 43; Canary, the light 288; pale-yellow, 297; color of ice blue, pale 158; bright blue, the light 144; sky blue 130; sky-blue, dark-131; color brass, bright, 874; color bell dark 178; cherry, dark 20; lead-gray 236; 1 frame internal dimensions 34 x 34 cm, 1 Mat with round neckline approx. 23 cm.
Job description.
From fabric Aida strictly on the threads to make the piece size 50 x 50 cm, cut to neaten. The canvas is folded in half along longitudinal and transverse lines, the middle, contrasting thread, a running stitch to mark the middle of the part. Sew according to the diagram (the arrows in the diagram = middle motif) in 2 threads. Single cross captures 1 square of fabric. Outlines to embroider in one thread in the following colors: legs and arms with thread brass color 874; cap, blouse and a light blue balloon with a thread color of the bell, the dark 178; tape on hats and red balloon with a thread of cherry-red 20; rope, truck wheel and shaft thread lead color 236; yellow areas to embroidery thread pale yellow 297. The finished embroidery to be ironed from the reverse side through a damp cloth and insert into the frame.
Children. Cross-stitch (the scheme without registration)
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