Sink. Pincushion with your handsMaterials:
  • outline No. 6,
  • thread – wool/acrylic.
The finished pincushion with his hands folded is the size of 10 x 9 cm
Size 65 x 100 CL.
Tips for embroidering:
1. Cut a piece of canvas into two equal parts with a size of 18 x 30 cm
2. On one half of embroider pattern, following the diagram. Mate you later use as the inside of the pin cushion.
Sink. Pincushion with your hands Sink. Pincushion with your hands 3. Before embroidering, determine the center of the canvas. Apply it to the center of the embroidery (shown by arrows). 4. The cross should be embroidered in 2 strands (in this paper, preferable wool). Embroidery will look more carefully if the top stitches of the cross will be tilted to one side. Don't do from the wrong side of knots, the thread decided to consolidate a few stitches. 5. Fold the two parts of the pin cushion, right sides inside and sew them to the example seam "back needle", leaving a hole through which in the future will be to turn the embroidery (marked on the diagram, the two black strokes). The parts are not shifted, you can pre-chop off their pins or baste the seam "forward needle". 6. Cut the excess canvas at a distance of about 7 mm from the weld (on the opening leave a seam allowance of approximately 2 cm). 7. In narrow places the nadsekite scissors allowance, or the seam will be tight. 8. Remove the needle bed, straighten your seams, stuff the pincushion with cotton, polyester batting or holofayber. The remaining hole sew a hidden stitch. 9. Twist rope (Fig. 2). To do this, cut 20 light pink thread at 1.2 m. we will Divide them into two threads at 10 threads. Received threads tie knot, formed pasmo length of 2.4 m tight twist in opposite directions. Hold the ends of the threads, pull the knot and gently fold it in half. Happens twisting. 10. Sew the rope around the contour of the beds. 11. Quilted pincushion in Fig. 3, seam "forward needle", the reverse of filling the gaps between the stitches to obtain a continuous line (Fig. 4). For a more embossed edge when performing stitches suggest to grab the rope a few stitches "over the edge". 12. Of rope remaining after the edging, you can make a loop for hanging (see cover). The pincushion fold in half.
To decorate the beds could be sewn to the inner side of the large bead pearl color.
Sink. Pincushion with your hands
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