In this method of weaving the beads are very close to each other, the fabric is very dense. The beads are arranged relative to each other in a staggered manner. Looks like the product is woven according to this method, like this:

And that's how it's done::
The thread dial on an odd number of beads (in this case 9). Typing the bead 9, skip the needle into the bead 7. Then enter one bead and pass the needle into the bead 5. Continue to braid the scheme until you reach the desired length of the product.

As a mosaic painting is very dense, very convenient to come up with a pattern for decoration, although it is possible to weave a plain fabric, depending on the desired result. To facilitate you to construct the figure, we have prepared a clean workpiece. We intentionally did not round beads, and a little flattened because the bead is also not perfectly round. Download this image, open it in any graphic editor (e.g. photoshop) from the top menu select Image - Mode - RGB color. Then select the fill tool and experiment, pouring beads of different colors. Not necessarily paint the whole piece - just mentally "drop" the extra number of horizontal rows. Particularly patient nature can try to make something like the picture. For this you will have to enlarge the template to desired dimensions in the same photoshop.

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