So, we offer to your attention an unusual variant of weaving earrings, bracelet or even necklace. You can make even the whole kit, but most interesting is that so you can work together with children, creating for them new jewelry.


You will need beads of different colors. In our case, the larger of which we do elements, green and red, and slightly smaller Golden.
In General, the work is very simple – take three large beads of any color, and wire (fishing line, only the ends to hide harder) combine them together. In the result we get a flower of three petals.

Generated a large number of such elements, depending on the size of a piece of jewellery. And start stringing them on the wire. To make the product look more original and beautiful, connect the beads smaller. And alternate parts of a element of 3 beads, two beads of Golden color, again the element of 3 beads. To make it more original color elements alternate one after the other.

Do so as long as the product will not be of a suitable length.

As mentioned above, this is low on the wire may easily turn into a round earring, will only consolidate her enclosure. Or become a lovely necklace. But in this case you will have to prepare in advance of the clasp, they're perfect for bulky bracelet.

In General, where to attach another ability, you definitely will be. Especially if you have a daughter who loves and appreciates jewelry. Why not surprise her with a new kit that will be a good touch to complete the festive image?. Especially because all the closer creeps are very joyful holiday – New year. Already it is possible to start cooking, at least with the preparation of decorations.


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