In beading we often face a wide range of surround colors. In this article we will tell you how to make a leaf for this flower. It should be noted that the principle of netting can be used not only for weaving colors, but, for example, gerganov. So:
1. Dial 12 beads and pass the needle in the 9th bead.
2. Enter the 13-th bead and pass the needle in the 7th.
3. Type the 14-th bead and pass the needle in the fifth.
4. Dial 15 bead and pass into the third.
5. Type in the 16 th and 17-th bead and go through the 15th.
Continue to weave according to the scheme:

Netting Area

Note that the beads 59-60-70 do not necessarily turn - zakrepit thread and leave a diamond, several diamonds then you can collect the flower or leaves. Of course, you can do that by following the scheme of figure to larger or smaller size.

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