Just springtime, a time of lush bouquets and vivid sensations. Everything is awakening and our soul requires adventure, and Amateur talent of expression. We suggest you not to buy real flowers, and hyacinths to make the bead. Moreover, they are very similar to the real thing and will never fade and will delight you with their bright petals all year round.


To weave a flower really easy. Parallel netting we have repeatedly discussed on the examples of other products. So now only enough of the scheme, which will indicate the required number of beads for each row.

So, from the materials we will need beads of two colors – pink and blue. But, in General, the color scheme of your flower can be any. Thin wire for weaving beads and more dense for the formation of a common stalk. And we will be useful or floral tape or corrugated paper.

So, look at the diagram below, and begin to weave.

The principle of alternating beads of different colors you'll understand when you see the finished petal of a flower. That's roughly how it should look.

For each flower you need to prepare as many as 6 petals. And for all the twigs that she was lush and beautiful, it will take at least 17 of these flowers. So will a lot, and this is prepared in advance.

After all the petals are ready, you can connect them in clusters. All as usual, nothing new – just twist the wire ends together.

Here is the finished flower on top.

Before you connect all the flowers together, masked the wire with floral tape or green crepe paper. Then fix all flowers on a thick wire, and it also kopiruem green paper or tape.

That's all, a sprig of hyacinth from us. You can create a bouquet by adding greenery from paper, if beading is no time or desire.

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