Beading. Flowers violets
  • beads (No. 10), 2 g of white, pink 15 g, 25 g green
  • wire Burgundy
Size: arbitrary.
Step-by-step description of netting
Violet flower (9 pieces): every flower consists of 4 petals pink stamens and 1 white. To weave petal violet dial on the wire 8 beads, leaving the end of the wire of length 10 cm. Lock the beads in oval and wrap a couple of times one end of the wire around the second under 1 and 8 beads. Next enter the 16 pink beads — tail in the new oval wrapped wire around the future of stem. In the last oval will be 24 pink beads. Stamen consists of 8 white beads. Connect the petals and the stamen, the free end of the wire, wrap the yarn green. Leaf (12 pieces): beading a green weave similar to the leaf petals. To do this first take 8 oval beads, the second 16, the third 24 and the fifth with 32 beads. The free end of the wire, wrap the yarn green. Fit and finish: the finished flowers and leaves connect to the bouquet as shown in the photo of violet bead. Beading. Flowers violetsBeading. Flowers violets
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