The basket of flowers. The color schemes of beadedMaterials:
  • thin
  • 0.67 m tape, moss green (No. 20), width 13 mm
  • wire of medium thickness
  • bead number 6 mother of pearl brown, red, green
  • beads No. 8 matte yellow, white, pink, orange, red, purple colors
  • a few beads No. 10 matte blue, red, yellow (serdtsevini daisies)
  • pliers
Execution of work: Basket weaving The basket consists of rectangular canvases connected to each other. Cloth weaving in the technique of "forward" on the diagram in Fig. 1. Need for mid-wire to score 15 brown beads, then one end of the wire 15 brown beads and perehlestnut in them both ends of the wire. Continue to weave the same way. When blade height is approximately 18-20cm, weaving can be completed. The ends of the wire twist and hide in the beads. Weave 6 such paintings. Next, connect all the canvases with a thin wire as shown in diagram 2. The bottom of the basket weave in peyote 3. Attach the bottom to the main part. Then wire of medium thickness will twist the handle and attach to the opposite ends of the basket. The decor of the handle on a thin wire dial red beads and wrap it around the entire length of the handle (see photo). Do the same with the brown wire beads.
The color scheme of the beads:
The basket of flowers. The color schemes of beaded Weave colors For the petals of the flower have in the middle of the wire to win 10-12 beads No. 8 wire and bend the ends of the wire to twist (Fig. 4). To do 6 petals. Then do likewise serdtsevinka typing in the middle of the wire bead number 10. Weaving blades of grass Need to the wire to collect a large amount of green beads, then the wire to bend or spiral rings. You can make a blade of grass and yellow beads. Assembly First, gather the flowers, spread the flowers in a circle around serdtsevini and twisting the wire ends. Then from the flowers and blades of grass make a song and attach to the basket.
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