Christmas balls with their hands beaded New year Christmas balls with your hands transformed in the air. To do this, weave a snowflake on the wire and squeeze the volume of a sphere, also weave a basket on a string, fastened with beaded ties to the snowflake. Christmas balls with their hands beaded On the wire string 36 beads and close them in a circle: the number of beads must be divisible by 6, because snowflakes are 6 rays (Fig. 1). The ring size depends on the base of the balloon to which it is put. Weave the first beam in Fig. 2, creating a branch, first one side, then paddlelite on top of "drop" and then paddlelite branch on the other side. Guide the wire through the 6 beads in a ring and string material for the next ray. When they are ready all 6 rays, on the wire, the remainder of the netting, or on a new wire paddlelite angles between them. First circle paddlelite internal corners (red arrow in Fig. 3), and Then circle paddlelite the corners of the larger (black arrow). Please note that abbruciati rays the bottom, then the connection from the front side will have careful. If in the process of weaving it is necessary to increase the wire, join the ends, twist them. extra cut, twist fold inside out. Fig. 4, a, b, weave the bottom of the basket. Start braiding with 6 beads lock them into the ring. Second row weave, picking up one bead. In the third row, make an increase due to the set of two beads. Picking up two beads, pumpellite one or two rows. Following the increase in make through a set of three, then four beads. This General scheme, for each case the increase and the number of rows are selected individually. The diameter of the bottom is approximately equal to 2.5-3, see Fig. 5 weave the rim in the technique of "mosaic" with a silver snowflake on one side. The number of beads in the upper and lower rows must be the same and preferably a multiple of 6. Rim needs to grasp the bottom. Connect the strip into a ring, with the protruding bead of the first row enter between the beads of the last row as in bricklaying. Fig. 5 decorate top edge, odplata three silver beads in the form of triangles. Sew the bottom to the side. Put a snowflake on the base of the bowl and carefully bend over its volume. The thread output from the vertex of one of the triangles. type 40-45 beads, needle swipe through extreme silver bead in the beam of snowflakes. Go back through bead screed, the silver bead. Guide the thread through the beads baskets to the next place of fastening of the screed, etc. If you don't have curly beads, all branches weave bead. You can simplify the task and to decorate Christmas balls with their hands beaded snowflake that will look like a delicate doily. In addition, such flat snowflakes to decorate the window, hanging them on the ropes. Christmas balls with their hands beaded
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