We continue to create gifts and decorations for Christmas theme. Today we offer you now this original key ring. It was created in the shape of a star, and using beads of different sizes, you can create different charms – from small to large.


You will need beads and beads faceted bicone, you can take normal faceted. Color there depends on your imagination. So imagine the future owner of these trinkets and choose.

It all begins simply – you cross you need to weave a few rows here according to this scheme. Here we alternate the beads and beads. Then created a chain closes into a circle.

Now for the rays of our star. Here we add a new one to their form. Move as shown in the diagram, adding new beads and the beads in the work.

The asterisk is nearly ready. Left to walk again in a circle, pulling and exactly the rows of weaving. This step is necessary because it the product will be more smooth and durable. And we cannot do without the keychain, because it needs to withstand the rigours of everyday life in a pocket or purse with the keys.



Now the final touch: we need to add to the center of the sprocket large bead to hide the hole. Well, it's quite easy, just attach it to the center as shown in the diagram.

In General, fresh Christmas product ready. You can use it not only as a keychain, and pendant. In addition, you can create a set where the asterisk can be an earring.

But here we must be careful as the large weight of the sprocket is large enough for tender ears. It is also worth considering before buying the earrings for work. Better remains a key FOB, and for that you will need to fasten a small ring on one of the rays and hang on the rope.

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