In order to manufacture a necklace today, you will also need knowledge of working with tools. We have encountered them, so that the occupants of the site should not have a problem with it. But beginners should pay your attention here, here, well show the working principle.


So, from scrap materials, you must have – wire, the clove with the flat hat for making jewelry, faceted beads of different sizes, the clasp for necklace and three long chains.

The work begins with the fact that we take our three chains, and put them parallel to each other. Now in the course are clove with a hat at the end. Look closely at the picture and repeat exactly like the pictures.

Better to start with the center of our products, to make it symmetrical. So, this first step will be located exactly in the middle of all 3 chains. It turns out that he first strung the little beads, then the first chain, one bead, chain, and closes it all the way to the large beads. At the end of the formed loop, which will not allow the beads to disperse.

All such rows we need 13. This is a Central part of our necklaces. The bottom beads alternate in color – dark or light. So the product will be more interesting.

Next, not much left: generated the same way on three rows symmetrically on different lengths. Only two pairs on three rows on each side.

Now take a clove again, and the smallest beads. Strung them, and form a loop at the end. All the excess cut off. The ring is not close, and first strung on the loop that we created in the previous step.

That's all left to draw your chosen clasp, and a wonderful new year's necklace is ready. Here's a clasp is best suited for the decoration of a necklace with three strands. Moreover, all this took not so much time.

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