• Golden, white, silver and green beads
  • wire
  • balls with a diameter of 3 cm
  • ribbons
Execution: To get the Christmas balls from beads, Fig. 1 weave chain-belt of 6 diamonds. On the middle wire follow the link in the "cross" of 4 white beads (Fig. 1A). Next, complete the right side of the rhombus (Fig. 1B). Acting link in the "cross" is called "Pico". The other end of the wire, do the same operations, but in the end not make one white bead. The left guide wire through the white bead on the right wire. Was the diamond belt. Complete the "cross" of white beads: string on the right-hand wire 2 beads on the left - 1 bead, and slide the left wire through the second bead on the right wire. The same braid the whole chain, alternating diamonds and "TIC". When weaving the last of the diamond connect the belt in the ring (Fig. 1B). The ends of the wire twist. The excess ends of the wire cut off, leaving a strand of 2-3 mm, which fold under the belt. At the top, around the base of the ball, make a ring of Golden beads. The number of beads must be divisible by diamonds, the ring should fit tightly against the base of the bead. In our case, the ring consists of 24 beads. Ring wear on the ball and connect it with a belt of diamonds with the upper braces (Fig. 2). Wire from the last ties swipe through 1 bead, closing the circle. Weave the lower ring 10 beads, 5 "Pico" (Fig. 3). Connect the bottom ties with a belt (Fig. 2), completing platepie. A snug fit is achieved by selecting the desired number of beads in the ties. Weave a wreath of green beads in Fig. 4. Collect twigs of different number of beads. When the length of the wreath will be sufficient, connect the ends of wires and twist together. Leaving the twisting of 2-3 mm, the excess ends cut. Below the wreath did not move, secure it on the top ring in 2-3 places. Bind to the beads ribbons of different lengths and tie them into a bow. Christmas balls beaded finish.
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