We are with you, remember, I made bracelets out of safety pins and beads. The principle of operation is extremely simple that does not interfere with the finished product to look attractive and original. Today we are in the same technology will make an interesting Christmas tree.


A great decoration for green beauty or interior. Will certainly suit those who have no opportunity to spend much time for beading, but the beautiful toys with your own hands I want to do.

So, you will need standard pins that you can buy in any sewing store, and beads. Primary, of course, will be green, as well as minor inclusions of the beads of a different color (red, yellow, gold – all that is left) that will simulate garlands and toys on our Christmas tree. And a small piece of wire to fasten the two rows of pins.

It all starts simply: you take pins and string beads on them, green and any other color. The number of beads depends on the size of the pins. The main thing is that one of the pins was completely filled with beads.

5 pins for the upper row of Christmas trees and eight pins with the beads for the second.

By the way, you still need the red ribbon, which will be hanging toy, and a small star, which will become the main decoration of the upper part. Take the tape and send it into the round holes of the first 5 pins, tighten, forming a triangle, and to fix this position of the pins, use an asterisk.

Now take the wire and fasten it to the bottom of our first 5 pins. And then start forming the second row of Christmas trees, gradually attaching the remaining pins with beads, alternating with large beads of green color.

And in the bottom row of the triangle is ready, so it was more lush, we fasten large beads of green color.

That's all – the elegant Christmas tree decoration ready. You can praise yourself for good work.

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