Drapes with a slouchy fit will give the window space grace elegantnosti. Looking magnificent and expensive, they at the same time not difficult izgotovlenii


Calculate the amount of fabric for sewing a regular straight curtains with allowances for processing (20 cm). To the resulting figure add 30-40 cm for each inlet. If on the model of drape drape on the floor, total height add 30 - 60 cm. calculate the distance between the overlaps. At the lower end of a narrow inlet pritachivajut braid Assembly (2-2. 5 cm). The maximum pull together and hung from the eaves during extended from the mounting tape cords (cords).


The type of fabric being used significantly affects the shape and volume of the inlet. Light fabrics have a fine, flowing silhouette and hang almost straight, slightly expanding above the line of contraction of the inlet. Draperies of medium and lean tissue have a more three dimensional look. To achieve maximum volume, and conformable overlap is filled with polyester batting (a synthetic) or thin tissue paper.


The Curtain - Bishop Sleeve

Option of wall mounting curtains "Bishop Sleeve"




The Curtain - Bishop Sleeve

Sketch Of "Bishop Sleeve"




The Curtain - Bishop Sleeve

Curtains "Bishop Sleeve"

The width of the fabric (k Assembly) not less than 2.0 m (2.5 m)

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