Imperial blind


There are many ways of draping the Windows. One of the most complex is the production of Imperial curtains. This is the most decorative, pompous and grandiose view of the window decoration. The most beautiful it will look in rooms with high ceilings. Draped curtain is stationary, it cannot be dissolved. Typically, curtains are made of expensive, thick, impermeable to light fabrics. Decorated with fringe, cords, tassels or bunches of artificial flowers.


Imperial blind

AB - length Drapes along the eaves

AE - height curtains ready made

AB - video part of the curtains

BV - draped portion of the curtain

BG - the beginning of the draping (is dimension of)

VG - the main slack draping (is dimension of)

GD - the value side of the cut Drapes or bell


  1. Calculated h curtains AE, with allowances for processing the top and bottom of the slice AE = h + 20 cm (for processing)
  2. Lay the value of AB (the straight portion of the curtain with to build 2; 2.5) and BV (- draped curtains part to Assembly 2; 2,5)
  3. From points b and spend the perpendiculars, on which lay the amount of BG - to-start drapery, received by the measurement BG = VG 1
  4. the Point R - 1/2 size gg 1
  5. From the point R R = RG 1 conduct arc. The value of sh - basic slack drape obtained by the measurement is equal to VG2 in the drawing, VG = VG2
  6. From points g and g2, R = HS1, conduct the arc. The intersection point Q.
  7. From point C, R = HS1, draw the lower undercut draperies. The accuracy of the delay values of VG1, g2 and gg2 - ensures the proper education of the drapery.
  8. Bottom undercut draping gg2 pull together, handling the mounting band or two lines on the sewing machine.
  9. Then the collected portion of the lower podraza gg2 pritachivajut to the side cut the curtains GD.
  10. Line the lower edge of the curtain de draw arbitrarily, depending on the model
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