London curtains

Sketch London curtains



London curtains - flat top, but with deep box pleats. They can be located on the edges of the curtains, and also in the middle. These curtains look particularly impressive from the stripe, since their raising folds open and becomes visible from the inside a different color or pattern.


As with all types of flat curtains, London blinds are raised and lowered using cords special cornice, which are passed through rings sewn on the reverse side.


London curtains

l = l1 + l2 + l3 + depth of wrinkles + 6 cm (for processing)

h = h - ready + 6(10) cm (for processing) the depth of one pleat 30 - 40 cm

l = l3 - this value must be at least 20 cm below the depth of the box pleats were not cut the side curtains.

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