Drapes lined

(1) - hem the lower edge of the curtain

(2) - hem the lower edge of the lining =1/2 bend the lower edge of the curtain. Primatives above the bottom edge of the curtain exactly in half

(3)technical rotation = 4 cm (can be more according to the model)


Making lined curtains is not difficult. You simply sew together the fabric of the main cloth and the lining along the side of slices with a sewing machine. And the upper edge of curtain(with lining)is a mounting tape.


At the sides of the curtains need to make tehnicki turn, is needed in order to when decorating curtains with tie backs lining did not get out on the front side. Also if there is a technical side turn cut the curtains looks bigger and sleeker.



The calculation of the main fabric of the Drapes and lining



the width of the curtain - 1,40 m 1,40 - 0,16 = 1.24 m (0,16 - allowance for technical rotation)

lining width - 1.24 m

The width of the curtain -2,10 2,10 meters - 0,16 = 1,94 m

the width of the lining is 1.94 m

4 see technical twist


Calculation: the width of the curtain -16 cm (technical rotation)


Drapes lined




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