The bodice in contrast to the skirts of the non-parallel folds are narrowed down, not expanded, due to the reduction of volume from the top down (figure 412).
Determine the direction and size of the folds and draw them to the edge of the last pleat came for a point P (with short lines marked fold lines, shows the long edge of the last crease). Turn the upper a tuck parallel to the edge of the last pleat.
Slide the part of the support patterns, from center front to the edge of the last pleat in the following way. Draw a strip And fold 1 and move two more times, 1 fold, turning the strip to maintain its shape (figure 413). Similarly, draw a fold line 2. The edges of the folds indicated by solid lines. Fold both creases, put this part of the bodice on the auxiliary pattern and move the contour parts In and tuck.
To make it easier to zastrochit such folds, cut oblique to the direction of the filament, can be put under them from the wrong side of the equity strip of a thin fabric, cut to the size of the folds plus the seam allowance.

Bodice with pleats non-parallel inclined
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