Put on a sheet of paper the basic bodice patterns (figure 358), tracing and drawing lines of the side of the slice and armhole strokes (front and back converted the same).
Continue the line of the shoulder cut, lengthen it to the desired value (for example 2 cm) and mark nadrezkoj A. Small horizontal dash mark the size of the recess of openings equal to half the width, add the line of the shoulder cut (above the chaff; for example 2:2=1 cm).
To draw a new armhole line, put the pattern on a drawing basis so that nadechka In was on the lower end of the openings of the framework, and nadechka And coincided with the end of the armhole on the line of the shoulder cut. Draw a line armholes, joining the dots and solid line.
Through the point draw a new line side of the slice in accordance with the model (solid line — for the bodice close-fitting lines, dashed — for the bodice the free form).

Bodice, extended shoulders
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