Most of the small recesses arranged in a fan (figure 391), significantly removed from the most protruding point of the breast. One of them ends on a projecting point of the breast and provides fit clothing to the figure. Darted bodice, arranged in a fan
On a sheet of paper, mark the direction of the Darts. Attach it to the figure, determine the length of the tucks and the distance between them, indicate the middle front and waist line (figure 392). In the example, the average length of Darts equal to 8 cm, other tuck shorter. The distance between the tops of the Darts 2.5 cm. Darted bodice, arranged in a fan
On the curve of the front bodice turn the upper tuck in the tuck of the waist line (figure 393). Starting from point R, flick average, longer tuck. The solution of this tuck should be reduced by limiting it to two lines by the amount necessary for other Darts (0.3-0.4 cm on each tuck). Focusing on the established average length of tuck, tuck the other construct, as shown in figure 393. Sew the first tuck, the most remote from point P, finish connecting all the Darts from the notch by hand. Least astrocyte high tuck from point R to the waist line.
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