Bodice with yoke and pleats (figure 401) tight at the waist. Mark the position of the yoke and folds, the line of prosanos and the location of the buttons (figure 402). The solution of each fold is 2.5-3 cm, base Tuck patterns only gives you one or two folds.
Cut the yoke, then cut the pattern into stripes (figure 403). Close the tuck, just pull the strips 3 and 4 by the same amount which apart strips 1, 2. If tuck is unable to give the necessary width for the two folds, then the remaining width for the second folds get, pushing the strip 2.
Close the folds and pinned it to the yoke on the lower part of the front. Then fix the poorly laid folds, avoiding excessive reduction of the length of the patterns. Precise line.
When replacing the folds of the assemblies should, apart the strips, connect them with a line through the middle of the strips.

Bodice attached at the waist, with yoke and pleats
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