By simply steal the cheque from the waist line on the back can get only minor Assembly. To obtain the backless slouchy (figure 396) turn on a sheet of paper, the base curve of the back, close the Darts and draw a new waist line (figure 397, dashed line).
Guide also line the yoke back. The form of the bodice is held by the lining, cut to fit the base curve. Determine need to expand and lengthen the bodice in the middle back and side-cut to receive the Assembly and a slouchy fit. Build a pattern of parts of the back and check the curve of the front, as shown in figure 398.
Figure 399 shows another variant of the extension of the bodice. Back expand, cutting and spreading the pattern (figure 400). Extension from the shoulder tuck more than the line indicated by the arrow (in the example they are, respectively, 5 and 2 cm). No side extensions do not.
Extend the pattern to obtain the inlet and guide lines of the drawing as shown in figure 400.

The bodice is ruched on the back
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